What is Charity Travel?

Charities, NGO's and Humanitarian organisations respond to emergency situations and crises across the globe. They often need to travel at short notice to remote and vulnerable locations, with aid and equipment to provide resources and support to improve and save lives.

We recognise that Humanitarian travel programmes are complex and that complexity can come in many ways. This can include the travel logistics, the way in which organisations are funded, the subsequent effects on policy, buying behaviour and audits, and the security of travellers. The nature of their travel needs and the destinations they travel to represent a significantly different approach to that of a corporation, therefore we have shaped our people, processes and platforms to be able to provide effective management for these complexities.

Travel Savings with Humanitarian Fares

We have been supporting Humanitarian organisations since 1980, when we pioneered the very first specialist humanitarian airfare.

Why did we do this? Because we know that when they save money on travel, this frees up much-needed resources that can be more efficiently spent on accomplishing your organisational missions. We want our customers to save money on travel, so they can free up much-needed resources that can be more efficiently spent on accomplishing their organisational missions.

What is a charity / humanitarian fare?
These fares are for those who travel to carry-out humanitarian work, the fare benefits include:

  • Accessing discounted & exclusive fares which are not publicly available
  • Ability to hold fares for an extended period of time with no budget commitment
  • While tickets are on hold, you can cancel completely free of charge up, removing financial risk
  • Fewer fare restrictions, such as Saturday night stay
  • Flexibility; many fares include free cancellation before departure, or changes free of charge/for a nominal fee.
  • Extra baggage allowance.

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Keeping Your Travellers Safe

Supporting people and teams travelling to some of the world’s most vulnerable and remote locations often requires complex and frequently changing itineraries as well as a constant focus on keeping travellers safe and secure. Key Travel are leaders in Risk Management, Traveller Tracking and Wellbeing toolsets and work in partnership with our customers to ensure they're meeting their duty of care responsibilities. find out more 

Our in-house consultants are specialists in organising complex travel and understand the needs of those travelling in response to famine, civil-war, natural disasters or pandemics. We operate a 24/7 emergency service which is managed in-house. No matter what time of day or night, a knowledgeable consultant will take your call. Can't get to a phone, don't worry, we're also contactable 24/7 by SMS and WhatsApp.

We have robust crisis response processes and, when we're notified of an event, we'll assess the likely impact and take any necessary steps, including scaling up available resources and targeted contact at organisation and traveller/booker level.

Travel Sustainability

Climate change is at the forefront of everyone's mind and many organisations have carbon reduction objectives in place. We work with our customers to reduce their travel related carbon footprint, as we understand travel is a necessity for those who travel to do good in the world.

This is why we provide our customers with a multi-pronged sustainable travel programme to help eliminate non-essential travel and mitigate the environmental impact of purposeful travel. Part of this programme includes implementing (at no extra cost) a proprietary methodology developed with the World Wildlife Fund UK, which enables customers to benchmark their travel de-carbonisation practices against peers and best practice, identifying areas for improvement.

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How Else Do We Support Charity Travel?

Group Travel - when travelling as a Group (10+ people) did you know you may qualify for better terms than making individual travel arrangements? As a Key Travel customer, you have access to our Specialist Travel Team, who are experts in all areas of Group Travel find out more

With full policy integration, you can be sure donor and funding compliance regulations are met.

Working with over 2,000 NGO’s globally, many of whom are USAID funded, we are very familiar with the Fly America Act and its rules, including Open Skies and
codeshare agreements. Our Consultants will consider these restrictions when planning itineraries, ensuring compliance where relevant.

In summary, Key Travel exists to help you do good better.

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