We know how vital it is to protect travellers’ wellbeing and physical safety.

Many of our customers travel to volatile and remote areas, and we support them to meet their duty of care responsibilities through a wide range of practical solutions and proven risk management tools, from pre-trip planning and destination risk assessments to security alerts and 24/7 traveller GPS tracking.

An effective travel risk management programme is an ongoing process that starts before departure, continues for the duration and re-engages with the traveller on their return and beyond.

KT Safety - our Travel Safety and Risk Management programme

We are pioneers in the deployment of Risk Management, Traveller Tracking and Wellbeing toolsets.

Duty of care for organisations:
KT Safety, uses configurable technology co-developed with Amadeus, the world’s largest provider of travel technology and comprises of :

  • A risk intelligence dashboard with country profiles and destination risk assessments. The content is provided in real-time by Riskline, the world’s largest provider of risk and security information, and covers travel risk intelligence, political risk analysis, security assessments, operational insights e.g. visa changes
  • Automated Alerts: Risk alerts emailed to your travel/security manager based on your preferences
  • Live Traveller Tracking: Locate travellers and assess their risk level with risk “heat map”
  • Direct Communication: Reach travellers instantly via SMS, email, or phone
  • Customisable Reports: Export detailed traveller data for analysis

In addition we offer:

  • Fully inbuilt policy compliance. We embed your travel risk management and security policies, so that booker compliance is built in
  • Automatic exclusion of high-risk providers and locations
  • A proprietary “Travel Risk Audit” that benchmarks your organisation’s current travel risk management programmes versus global best practice.
  • Robust crisis response processes

Travel Risk management for travellers

  • We operate a 24/7 emergency service which is managed in-house. No matter the time of day or night, a knowledgeable agent will take your call. Can't get to a phone, don't worry, we're also contactable 24/7 by SMS and WhatsApp messaging
  • KT Safety comprises a mobile trip management app which integrates all elements of a trip into one itinerary and provides up-to-date destination risk assessments and alerts
  • As well as providing our own traveller tracking and emergency support for travellers, we also work with a wide variety of emergency evacuation and repatriation providers such as International SOS, Safeture, and Healix.

24/7 travel emergency support

During our travels, sometimes things go wrong and when they do, it isn't always within standard working hours, which is why we provide 'as standard' 24/7 emergency support and incident handling across 365 days (we don't charge for needing us out of hours).

All of our reservations consultants have extensive experience in the travel sector and are highly skilled at managing complex itineraries and mitigating travel risk factors. For emergencies, we always recommend calling us as the best option, but for those mid-air or in an area of poor connection, we were one of the first TMCs to offer alternative contact channels including SMS and WhatsApp message.

KT Care: Our safety and wellbeing app

Designed for both everyday use and immediately after a crisis or traumatic event, this app has two key functions:

  • Psychological First Aid: Our app offers immediate support after an incident by helping people understand their reactions, offering them strategies for coping and, if necessary, signposting to further support
  • Psychosocial Support: KT Care also provides information for helpers, friends, colleagues, managers or family members on how to support people affected by trauma, as well as what not to do

Bespoke travel risk solutions

We understand every organisation has different risks and different duty of care requirements, which is why everything we offer can be tailored to your own individual needs.

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