What Is Faith Travel?

Religious and spiritual travel and overseas missions, delivering compassion and aid to those in need around the world.

We Created Missionary Fares!

We have been supporting faith-based organisations since 1980, when we pioneered the very first specialist missionary airfare. Our very first customer was a missionary from the Methodist church, so faith-based travel is in our DNA and we now work for organisations of all faith and denominations.

Our specialist agents have the skills to expertly address the sensitivities, destination requirements and routes involved. Our team creates hundreds of tailored trips every day using our exclusively negotiated specialist fares.

As your travel partner, our primary concern is to deliver great value for money and a seamless trouble–free service that ensures travel helps you achieve your objectives, rather than act as a barrier to progress. We do that through utilising our extensive knowledge and expertise in the faith sector.

Key benefits include:

  • Discounts vs published fares
  • Extended holding periods
  • Fewer fare restrictions, such as Saturday night stay
  • Low or no change or cancellation fees
  • Fully refundable fares
  • Extra luggage allowance

Catering for your funding requirements

As a faith-based organisation (FBO), you depend upon a wide variety of funding sources. Whether governmental or private, each has their own requirements for transparency, service level agreements, purchasing guidelines and travel policies.

With full policy integration, you can be sure donor and funding compliance regulations are met and through our award-winning booking and data technology platform 'KT-Online', we offer customised management reporting that can easily track spending to budget.

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Travel Safety & Risk Management - Keeping Your Travellers Safe

Faith-based travel is not always predictable. Crises and unrest do not adhere to a calendar of events. Situations change fast and surprises happen. Our 24-hour emergency assistance service is there to meet these uncertainties.

Our specialist consultants are trained to provide active crisis support and fast reaction times. When your travellers may be facing the most risk or danger, and stress levels are at their highest, our consultants focus on finding and implementing the most appropriate solution.

Key Travel are leaders in Travel Risk Management, Traveller Tracking and Wellbeing toolsets and work in partnership with our customers to ensure they're meeting their duty of care responsibilities.

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How else do we support faith travel?

Group Travel - when travelling as a Group (10+ people) did you know you may qualify for better terms than making individual travel arrangements? As a Key Travel customer, you have access to our Specialist Travel Team, who are experts in all areas of Group Travel - find out more

Travel Sustainability - It's important that we all work towards lowering emissions and we offer our customers full support in reducing their travel related carbon emissions - take a look 

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