Why Do I Need a Travel Management Company?

Travel Management Companies (TMC):

  • Provide an effective and efficient way to access travel content globally from a multitude of travel providers from a single source
  • Provide guidance on macro developments around the world impacting travel
  • Aggregate volumes across customers and this scale translates into lower fares from suppliers
  • Ensure travellers are supported in in trip planning and booking and in the event of disruption or emergencies
  • Enable travel policy compliance and effective cost and risk control through embedding of policy rules in booking systems and comprehensive reporting
  • Provide travel management expertise e.g. in travel safety and risk management and travel sustainability
  • Provide cost efficient access to best practices in travel management
  • Provide detailed cost, service, quality and carbon reporting
  • Enable effective return on investment measurement of travel activity

A specialist Travel Management Company, like Key Travel, goes even further by focussing on specific types of travel and engaging with suppliers to offer exclusive benefits, not available publicly e.g. specialist air fares and accommodation rates with enhanced benefits, and expert advice and support from experienced consultants.

How do you increase efficiency with our travel processes?

Efficiency is achieved through:

  • Integration of travel, risk and sustainability policies
  • Self-service tools, saving time
  • 24/7 duty of care and crisis management support
  • Defining & configuring workflows
  • Fully accessible detailed travel intelligence, reporting and insights
  • Comprehensive account management
  • Partnerships with leading travel service providers

Do you offer online booking facilities? 

Yes! Our proprietary award-winning online booking tool 'KT Online' is a quick, easy and cost effective place to book travel. There's a reason it's the most widely adopted online booking tool in the not-for-profit sector.

  • Compare all of our specialist fares directly with other options, so you know you're getting the best value.
  • Fully integrated travel, risk and sustainability policies.
  • Save time: reduce admin and approval effort with configurable workflow and approval processes.
  • Save money: benefit from lower booking fees.
  • Share your itinerary with travellers, allowing them to accept, reject or indicate their preferences.

About KT Online

Do you charge for out of hours contact or emergency travel support?

That's an easy one - no! Our in-house consultants are available 24/7 /365, it doesn't matter when you contact us, there's no additional charge.

Do you offer a Service Level Agreement?

Yes, we have both Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators in place with all of our customers, and your account manager will regularly review both with you

Travel Account Management

Isn't Key Travel located in the UK only?

No, we're a global TMC and have operations in 9 countries across UK, North America, Europe and Africa.

Can you support different languages?

Absolutely, we're able to service your travellers in English, French, Dutch, French, German and Italian.

Are your consultants aware of my travel policies?

Yes, it doesn't matter when or who you speak to, every single consultant can see your in-built policies and will ensure full compliance. Find out about of 24/7 expert travel consultants

Can you ensure compliance with the Fly America Act?

Yes - our consultants are very familiar with the Fly America Act and its rules, including Open Skies and codeshare agreements. They will consider these restrictions when planning itineraries, ensuring compliance where relevant.

Can you create bespoke travel management solutions? 

Absolutely, we'd be happy to talk over any requirements you may have.  It's one of the benefits of having our own proprietary technology! Want to know more?

What is a charity / humanitarian fare?

Key Travel pioneered the very first specialist humanitarian airfare, following negotiations with leading airlines. The fares bring travel savings and enhanced conditions versus fares available publicly. Learn more

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